Abbreviated Covenants

1.01 APPROVAL REQUIRED. No improvements shall be made, placed, constructed or installed on any Homesites and no exterior modifications to existing Improvements shall be undertaken without prior approval The Estates at Jones Creek Design Committee.

2.01 ALTERING HOMESITES BOUNDARIES. No homesites shall be subdivided, or its boundary lines changed, nor shall application for same be made to Columbia County, except with the written consent of the Founder.

2.02 LOCATION OF BUILDING ON HOMESITES. No building of any kind or character shall be erected within thirty (30) feet of the right-of-way of any road, or within ten (10) feet of any Homesites line, nor within any buffer zone or easement area as shown on the recorded subdivision plat.

3.01 ANIMALS. No animals, including reptiles, foul, swine, cows, or other farm animals may be kept in or maintained on Homesites. However, dogs, cats, birds and fish commonly kept as household pets may be maintained subject to the guidelines. Animals shall not be maintained or bred for any commercial purposes. All animals must be leashed or fenced when outside. Any animal which causes excessive annoyance or disturbs the tranquility shall not be permitted to remain.

3.02 VEGETABLE GARDENS. No vegetable garden may be planted on a Homesite except behind the line of the rear main dwelling structure and may not be more than ten (10) feet in length and/or width.

3.03 UNSIGHTLY ITEMS. Any unsightly object including, but not limited to garbage receptacles, satellite dishes, air conditioning units, HVAC units, etc shall be maintained only in a manner which conceals them from the street and adjacent portions of land.

3.04 NO DUMPING OR RUBBISH. No Homesites shall be used or maintained as a dumping ground for rubbish. Trash, garbage or other waste, included but not limited to yard waste, shall be kept in sanitary containers screened from view. No outside burning of trash, garbage or other refuse shall be permitted on any Homesites.

3.05 TRUCKS, TRAILERS, MOBILE HOMES AND SATELLITE EQUIPMENT. Except as may be necessary from time to time and cause by an emergency, there shall be no overnight parking on the streets. Under no circumstances shall there be parking of ¾ ton or larger trucks, panel trucks, work trucks, recreational vehicles or mobile homes shall be permitted on the streets, Homesites or other portion of The Estates at Jones Creek except during construction. Campers, motor homes, travel trailers, panel trucks, work vans, flatbed or work trailers, boats, personal water craft and trailers must be kept in an enclosed garage which is detached from the main dwelling structure. No satellite dish in excess of two (2) feet in diameter, or similar equipment may be placed upon a Homesite.

3.06 HOBBIES. The assembly and disassembly of motor vehicles and other mechanical devices shall not be pursued or undertaken on any Homesites. No permanent type of sports equipment shall be located on any Homesites where such equipment would be visible from any street without written approval of The Estates at Jones Creek Design Committee; however, permission is not required for single basketball goal which is situated at least fifteen (15) feet away from and behind the corner of the house. There shall be no portable basketball goal used on the street(s).

3.07 DRIVEWAY AND WALKS. No breaks shall in any curb or gutter on or adjacent to the right-of-way of any street for the purpose of constructing an driveway, walk, or other means of ingress to and egress from a Homesite, unless the apron of such driveway or walk shall be constructed of a permanent material which is structurally and aesthetically compatible with the curb or gutter being broken and the adjacent street. There shall be reserved a Landscape and Drainage and Utility Easement along the front of all homesites of seven (7) feet which shall run along the right of way.

3.08 NOXIOUS AND OFFENSIVE ACTIVITY. No noxious or offensive activity shall be carried on upon any Homesites nor shall anything be done thereon tending to cause embarrassment, discomfort, annoyance or nuisance to other residents.

3.09 SIGNS AND MAILBOXES. No sign shall be erected or maintained except with the written permission of The Estates at Jones Creek Design Committee or except as may be required by legal proceedings. No permission of the JCDC is necessary for a sign of not more than four (4) square feet used by a contractor during the construction period or one (1) usual “For Sale” realtor sign per Homesite.
A uniform mailbox shall be used for all Homesites.

3.10 PLAY STRUCTURES AND YARD ACCESSORIES. All play structures, permanent sports equipment, and yard accessories shall be located to the rear of the Home and within the building set back lines. Any structure over six (6) feet in height must be approved by the Design Committee.

3.11 HEATING AND AIR CONDITIONING EQUIPMENT. The use of window air conditioning units is prohibited. The located of all outside heating and air conditioning equipment shall be approved by the Design Committee.

3.12 GARAGE DOORS. Garage doors which are visible from the street shall remain closed at all times except when vehicles are entering and exiting. All garage doors shall be “carriage house” style doors.

3.13 SHUTTERS. All shutters shall contain hardware such as to make shutters appear fully operational, including hinges and holdbacks. Any windows facing the golf course must have shutters.

3.14 WINDOWS. No constructed home shall contain any vinyl windows. All windows shall be wood, metal or vinyl clad with simulated dividers.

3.15. PROHIBITION OF SLAB HOUSING. All homes shall be constructed on a raised foundation, complete with at least a crawl space beneath the first floor.

3.16 TREE CONSERVATION. No live and undamaged, bush, tree, or shrub whose primary trunk is six inches or larger may be removed without approval of the Design Committee.

3.17 FENCING. Any fencing must be made of wrought iron (or similar material), brick, stone, or stucco, provided that wooden “shadowbox” type fencing shall be allowed for any Homesites which do not border any part of the golf course. Wooden fences shall be stained and/or painted in accordance with a uniform color set by the Founder.

3.18 EXTERIOR COLORS/DESIGN. All exterior design plans and/or color scheme proposed to be constructed on homesite must be approved by the Design Committee. All homes must be roofed with architectural shingles. No improvement shall contain vinyl cornice.

4.01 RESERVATION OF EASEMENT. All homesites shall have an easement over and under the ground to erect, maintain, and use electric service, community antenna television, and telephone poles, street lights, wire, cables, conduits, drainage ways, community entrance signs, sewers, water mains and other suitable equipment for the use of electricity, telephone equipment, gas, sewer, water, drainage or other public utilities over the rear ten (10) feet of each Homesite and five (5) feet on each side of Homesites boundary lines.

4.02 SETBACKS. All structures shall be set back a minimum of thirty (30) feet from any street or public right-of-way, ten (10) feet from any side property line and (10) from the rear property line.